DIT4BEARs student workshop

Friday, August 27, 2021
14:00 – 15:00 CEST / Swedish time /  Norwegian time
15.00 - 16:00  Finish time  / Russian (Moscow) time
Zoom: https://ltu-se.zoom.us/my/karand

Welcome to the DIT4BEARs student workshop. During the event you will learn more about the DIT4BEARs project and the internship possibilities following the hackathon and virtual internships.


14.00-14.10 Welcome and short introduction to DIT4BEARs
Karl Andersson, Professor and DIT4BEARs Project Manager, Luleå University of Technology

14.10-14.15 Information about the Internship program
Olga Timokhina, Project Manager, Center of Optical Information Technologies, ITMO University

14.15-14.25 Research and Applications on Blockchain
Morteza Alizadeh, PhD Student, Luleå University of Technology

14.25-14.45 Decentralized application based on IPFS and Blockchain
Alexandr Ssorin, CS Student, ITMO University

14.45-14.55 Virtual internship: practical experience from a distance
Artem Anaschenko, CS Student, Narfu

14.55-15.00 Q&A session 

No registration. The Zoom link to the meeting is: https://ltu-se.zoom.us/my/karand

Connected Reindeer webinar
March 18, 2021, 18.00 CET+1 Finnish time  (Suomen aikaa)
In Finnish

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is organising a webinar on Connected Deer case.

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu järjestää 18.3.2021 klo 18.00 alkaen porojen paikannuswebinaarin verkossa, tervetuloa langoille!
18.00 Tervetuloa, webinaarin käytännön asiat
18.03 – 18.15 DIT4BEARS-hanke (paikannusteknologia ja liikenneturvallisuus)
18.15 – 18.35 Anicare Oy / Aki Marttila
18.35 – 19.00 Tracker & Ultracom / Hannu Lohi ja Jere Finnberg
19.00 – 19.20 Ranniot / Petri Särkisaari
19.20 – 19.30 NomaTrack & LoRa-DTN protocol – unique system for reindeer positioning developed with and for Swedish herders / Samo Grasic

Yleistä keskustelua
Osallistumislinkki/ webinar link: https://tinyurl.com/poropaikka
Lisätietoa/ more information: eila.seppanen@lapinamk.fi

Blockchain Technology and Smart Identification

Thursday, March 25, 2021, Zoom
In this meeting you will learn more about blockchains as a tool to establish global identification as well as how biometrics can be combined and stored in a blockchain so that real-time biometric identification can be performed against a globally trusted system. The main questions that we will answer in the meeting are how to verify identity, how to store data decentralized as well as how to authenticate identities.

8.30 - 8.35 Introduction
Karl Andersson, Professor & DIT4BEARs project manager, Luleå University of Technology, Olov Schelen, Professor, Luleå University of Technology
8.35 – 9.05 Blockchain Technology and Smart Identification
Morteza Alizadeh, PhD Student, Luleå University of Technology
9.05 – 9.15 A real life case: Compodium International
Bengt Grahn, Founder
9.15 – 9.30   Q&A session