About the project


Overall objective is to enhance adaption and transfer of Disruptive Information Technologies (IoT, Big Data and Distributed Ledger Technologies, and other) for the societal and economic needs of Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

The project faces challenges, relevant to the field of transport, waste management system, movement of people and goods within the region and transport security connected to winter roads maintenance and reindeer husbandry.

Thematic objective: TO7 Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems

Duration of the project in months: 36

Budget: 1155328 €

Financier: Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020. Read more at: https://kolarctic.info/
Outcomes of the project

New innovative technologies in transport and communication systems to solve existing problems in the Barents Euro-Arctic region

Educational content in DIT, tailored for major stakeholders, including municipalities, lecture courses and study tracks for university students

Living Lab DIT4BEARS will improve awareness of citizens, businesses, municipalities and other stakeholders of new opportunities, connected to DIT

Surveys and research to define most promising applications of Disruptive Information Technologies in regional Kolarctic context, especially for municipal services.

Knowledge-transfer system for distributing DIT: workshops, hackathons and R&D at the level of proof-of-concept

Main activities

1. Use cases in DIT
Development of  electronic ID system based on blockchain technologies, smart waste management system, winter road maintenance system, open architecture and algorithms for reindeer remote monitoring system.

2. Project management
Project website, project management events, presentations, posters, etc. at major international meetings and conferences, Scientific publications, project leaflets and posters, at field days, innovation events, open days at partners, and via media.

3. Mobility of knowledge and dissemination
Organization of workshops on emerging fields, technology transfer and DIT adaptation, hackathons in DIT. Proof-of-concept R&D in DIT use cases (Smart ID, Smart Waste, Smart Road, ConnectedDeer).

4. University collaboration
New educational programs in IoT, blockchain and Big Data in Kolarctic context, Implementation of sustainable mechanisms for university network formation and knowledge transfer in DIT, Scientists/ PhD exchange visits

5. Improving quality of regional services
New democratic and citizen-centric platform in regional Kolarctic context, minimization of the operational costs, efficient ways of running municipal services, involving citizens and municipalities, preparing local road infrastructure for DIT and providing value-adding services to the community.



  • Disruptive Information Technologies use cases: 4
  • Young specialists and students involved in the project: 25
  • Hackathons and workshops on DIT use cases: 7
  • Proof-of-concept in DIT application and development: 4
  • Research results, reported within the project: 4



Other financiers include: Regional Council of Lapland for the Finnish Partners, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten for the SwedishPartners, Russian state co-funding for the Russian Partners, Kolarctic Norge, c/o Finnmark fylkeskommune and Troms fylkeskommune for the Norwegian Partners.


For more information about Kolarctic CBC, visit: